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Society of Kytherian Studies

Professor Koula Kassimatis

Author of the book,

Kytherian Migrants in Egypt with a primary emphasis on Alexandria

Author: Koula Kassimatis

When Published: 2011

Publisher: Society of Kytherian Studies
20th publication of the Society of Kytherian Studies

Available: Society of Kytherian, Studies, Athens.
Central distribution
The Association of Kytherian Studies
5 Themistokleous str., 8th Floor, Athens 106 77

Tel: 210 3844915, 3838190
Fax: 210 38844915, 3820293

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Description: Paperback. In Greek. 535 pages.

ISBN: 978-960-88554-6-5

Professor Koula Kassimatis - Kytherian_migrants_in_Egypt_s

The definitive history of the Kytherian presence in Egypt.

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