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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 29.10.2004

Sia Poulos and the Summer Edition

Sia Poulos and the Summer Edition
Copyright (2004) STEPHEN TRIFYLLIS

Sia (Metaxia) Poulos, editor of the summer edition tourist newspaper which celebrated its 12th year this year. It is the island's premier tourist newspaper and tourist guide of the island. Sia is from Tamworth and now lives in Kythera. So when in Kythera make sure you get a copy of Summer Edition for all the info you need.

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submitted by
James Gavriles
on 29.10.2004

127:Stephen, I would like to get a copy of this newspaper and also would like to purchase a copy of the Kythera map that is sold. Any addresses ?? Or e-mail to get these??

submitted by
James Victor Prineas
on 03.01.2005

161:Contact numbers for the Summer Edition Phone: 6944-551720 Fax: 2736-0-31879