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Stephen Trifyllis

The People of a Village in Kythera

A Senior Statesmen of the Village of Trifyllianika past away last week Mr Janni (Gerakidi) Manea.HIs wife Vasiliki (far left) . Mr Manea was in his early nineties he has been living in the Village for many years and he worked his fields producing Fruit and Vegetables and he also had live stock such as sheep and goats. Mr Manea was our next door neighbour and when we were visiting Kythera they would always bring to us fruit vegetables,eggs and in the 70's and 80's he would bring us fresh goats milk. Mr Manea was from a long gone era of the Island. May he rest in peace.

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Peter Trearchis
on 05.03.2009

Hi, when did pass away? His wife Vasiliki was the first cousin of my grandfather John Trearchis. I visited with both of them when I went to Kythera in 2005. Peter