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Angelos Grammenos

Vassilis Kailas, Foteini Darra, Eleutheria Aranitaki, Dyonisis Grammenos, & Dimitris Typaldos

[Left to right]

At the award ceremony conducted on the 29th May, 2011, at 6:00, in the Old Parliament House building, Syntagma Square, Athens.

Αθήνα την 29η Μαΐου 2011 & ώρα 18:00, στο Μέγαρο Παλαιάς Βουλής, Σταδίου 13 στην Αθήνα.

The event was orchestrated by the Association of Ionian Islands, Greece. It was supported by the Hellenic Republic, and Greek Post.

Each awardee and medal winner will have a postage stamp issued in their honour during year 2011.

15 high achieving Ionian Islanders, from Greece and the diaspora were presented with awards.

3 Kytherians received awards, including Professor Nikos Petrochilos (Athens and Kythera), Vasilis Kailas (Athens), and George Miller, (Sydney, Australia).

Vasili Kailas (Kytherian awardee) is depicted in the photograph above (far left).

Foteini Darra, (Zakynthos), Eleutheria Aranitaki, (Paxos), and Dimitris Typaldos, (Kephallonia), are awardees from other Ionian islands.

Dyonisis Grammenos, musician and soloist from Corfu, shares the same surname as the head of the Eptanesian Islands in Greece (myself), but we are not related.

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