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George Poulos

Hunting dog chasing a hare.

The picture is from a small, 16-page tourist book of the island, issued, in the 1950's, or 1960's. (Page 16, of 16).

[The photograph is of equally poor quality in the book, but I enjoy it because it captures a mood.]

Called A Trip To Kythera. The Island Of Venus, it was written by Helen Kaloperinos.

Helen dedicated the book "..to my dear family and all the Kytherians".

The caption reads:

Hunting dog chasing a hare.

"The hunting season starts at the end of August when the hunters take their trained dogs with them to chase the hares out from their hiding places. Sometimes the hunting dogs catch the hares by themselves without the aid of their masters.

By this time most visitors have left the island, leaving us with a beautiful memory and with the hope that they will soon again visit the Island of Venus."

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