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Kostas Kranis

Small Stone Bridge - Πέτρινο Γεφυράκι

Small Stone Bridge - Πέτρινο Γεφυράκι

My name is Kostas Kranis and I live in Athens, Greece. I work as a telecomms engineer in a multinational, and spent most of my spare time with a camera in my hands.

I started photography 5 years ago, (2000) with a digital camera, but I soon realised that what I really liked was the classic B/W photography. So, I got myself a Nikon F-65 (N-65 for the States) and now I shoot with my FM or FM2n. I have the Nikkors 50mm F/1.8, 28-100mm G and a Sigma 20mm F/1.8.....

I develop my B/W film at home in my dark(bath)room. When I want to post something on the net, I use a Minolta DualScan III film scanner, but since Feb 2004 I use a Durst 670VC enlarger, so my darkroom (basement) is up and running now.

I like street photography most, but people nowadays become a bit frustrated. And I really do not like these ultra zooms...

An amateur by all means, but still I have got one or two pics that I really like. If you are interested, drop by:


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