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submitted by James Gavriles on 14.03.2004

Youth of Anti-Kythera bronze

Youth of Anti-Kythera bronze
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No story of Kythera is complete without talking about the famous bronze statues and artifacts found off of the coast of AntiKythera in the 1900's by sponge divers.
Stories told to me as a youth, suggest that my Papoo Demetrios Gavrilis was one of these sponge divers and that when they first saw them on the bottom of the sea, the divers were scared, that they may be bodies of people.
My Papoo was indeed a sponge diver in that time and area and he had a full sponge diving outfit with the suit and helmet to dive deep. He used to enjoy diving for ancient Greek treasures and there were days when he would tell my Yia-Yia that he had been sponge diving when in fact he was looking for treasure. He would buy sponges at the end of the day from fellow divers and take them home as proof that he had indeed been working. No harm done I suppose

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