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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 30.12.2015

'' a vrese with no water ''

'' a vrese with no water ''
Copyright (2015) Stephen Trifyllis

the water vrese at the back of trifyllianika which is located at the end of the road when the village of trifyllianika comes to a end , follow the track down to the vrese, when in glorious days gone by was the focal point of that village where women washed clothes , people gathered water for their homes , and the land owners around the vrerse attended the fields and crops , some people in trifyllianika still maintain fruit tress in that area but not like of years gone by and the great shame for some reason no water flows out of this great fountain , locals say they have diverted the water flow down to potamo , in my retirement days im going to try to get the water fountain of the village to follow again ...

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