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submitted by Daniel Tripp on 07.02.2008

Agia Pelagia - pier 1971

Agia Pelagia - pier 1971
Copyright (1971)

Is 1971 "vintage"?

Have a few poor quality 110 film photos of summer in Pelagia in 1971.

My brother and I loved it there. We'd wake up at the crack of dawn and go down to the pier and help the fishermen unload their catch, and spend an hour or two helping them tenderize octopus against the pier wall. Our payment was usually a small octopus, or an eel, or a few cuttlefish.

Then a bit later on in the morning, caiques would come in from the mainland, loaded up with melons and other fruit. We'd help them unload, and get paid with a watermelon.

Rest of the time was spent swimming, building rafts, getting into trouble, running amok etc.

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