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George Sophios

Trifillianika spring.

Βρύσις Tριφυλλιανιυων

From a postcard; photograph by Emmanuel Sophios.

The women have arrived by donkey, and are using spring water to wash their clothes.

The spring obviously ran much more freely a half century ago.

See other entries of the same spring by Jim Gavrilis (with large gathering) and Steve Tryphilis.

Steve Tryphillis:

Located in the village of Trifyllanika near Potamo. The place is called "vrisi" the local spring where in old times people would wash clothes collect water etc. also the locals would hold picnic partys there. At the back of the vrisi the locals would have their small properties and the vrisi would water their gardens. The water is natural spring water. The water is still running slowly. For some years no water was running then some locals cleared the pipe of vines to allow water flow. To find the vrisi you go to the end of Trifyllanika concrete road and wind down a small track about 5 min. There you find the the vrisi in a beautiful & peaceful garden area and you can enjoy a lovely cold drink of water..

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