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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 07.06.2003

1927 Panaretos Clan

1927 Panaretos Clan
Copyright (1927) Paul Panaretos

Gathering of the Panaretos clan at the family villa, Potamos 1927.
L to R:
Four Potamos born children of Vic and Marouli Panaretos (nee Aroney) – Eugenia (m. Jack Prineas), Paul, Sofia (m. Peter Locos), Matina (m. George Tambakis)
Gregoria (Florrie, black dress, b. 1908 Moree, m. Nick Crethar) Panaretos
Victor Dimitri Panaretos
U/K Kronopoulos female
U/K male
Calliopi (Poppy) Kronopoulos (nee Panaretos, b. 1906 Moree), black dress
Stamatia Mavromatis, white dress leaning against pillar. (daughter of Stavroula nee Aroney, sister of Marouli.Panaretos)
(4) Father of Dimitriakis Kronopoulos
(5) Kalypso Panaretos (b. 1911 Potamos, m. Peter Christianos)
(6) Sister of Dimitriakis Kronopoulos
(7) Bettina Conomos (nee Aroney, sister of Marouli Panaretos)
(8) John Conomos
(9) Dimitriakis Kronopoulos (husband of Poppy Panaretos, eldest daughter of Vic and Marouli, b. 1906 Moree)

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submitted by
James Gavriles
on 18.07.2003

I have a copy of this exact phot from my Mother's Photographs. As my Mother was a Panaretos ,whose Father Theodore was originally from Potamos. They had to be related to Victor? I am not sure how? Maybe someone on that end can elaborate??

submitted by
Carla Crethar
on 19.04.2018

Hi James - who is your mother? My Yiayia is Gregoria (Florrie)