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submitted by James Gavriles on 10.08.2003

A wedding in Logothetianica- 1950's

A wedding in Logothetianica- 1950's
Copyright (0000) Jim Gavriles

A wedding attended by my uncle Theodore Gavrilys in the 1950's. It might be some nephew or he was the best man? It is in Logothetianica. Looks like it could be on the steps of my Grandfather's house.

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submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 07.10.2006

The bride is my aunt Panayiotitsa Fardoulis, nee Lahanas (living in Sydney). The man to the left of the bride is her father Gerasimos G Lahanas (deceased) and the man with the cap to the right is her brother-in-law Panayiotis Fardoulis (married to the bride's sister Zoi). John Fardoulis (son of Panayiotis and Zoi Fardoulis) is the young boy with the cap is at the bottom of the stairs.