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submitted by Panagiotis Notaras on 18.11.2004

Bill Kalokairinos ' Wedding

Bill Kalokairinos ' Wedding
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This is one of the photos found in the Notaras house in Friligianika that we would love to recieve any information about from anyone who can recognize the pictured parties.

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Angelo Notaras, Sydney, and his wife Mary Notaras (nee, Summers) confirm that this is in fact a wedding photo of Mary's parents. The wedding occurred c. 1937.

From left to right:

Doreen Katsoulis, bridesmaid. (Daughter of Spiro and Cleopatra, who are standing next to her left)

Spiro Katsoulis

Cleopatra Katsoulis (nee, Megaloconomos)

Bill Kalokerinos (Summers), GROOM

Theodora Glytsos, BRIDE

Jack Glytsos (Cousin of the bride)

Bill Glytsos (Brother of the bride)

Peter Tambakis (Cousin of the bride)

Dion Megaloconomos (Niece of Cleopatra Katsoulis)

Mina Kalokerinis (Cousin of groom).
[Brother to Bishop Gabriel Kalokerinos, who was a Bishop of Santorini]

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submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 25.12.2004

156:Some of the people in the above photo were known to me (and relatives). Fourth from left is Bill Kalokairinos (Summers) well known in Tamworth NSW and Angelo Notaras' father in law. It is obviously his wedding photo. The man next to the bride in front is Bill Glytsos, also well known hotel proprietor in the New England area NSW and the bride's brother. He passed away in Kythera gyrokomeio earlier this year. This information was provided by John Kalokairinos also a nephew of Bill Summers. Tird from right is Peter Tambakis, from West Wyalong NSW also passed away in Kythera after an accident.

submitted by
William Glitsos
on 25.01.2014

1172:Hi, my grandfather was Bill Glitsos from the photo. I'm looking into my family tree on both sides. This is a nice photo. Does anyone recall his siblings? I have so far Theodora of course, and Andreas (Andrew). He had about 10 I think.