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submitted by SM Negas on 01.05.2015

Bobo Lahana - Logothetianika 1948-1950?

Bobo Lahana - Logothetianika 1948-1950?
Copyright M Negas

This photo was sent to Anezina (Zina) in Australia by her friend Bobo.

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submitted by
Barbara Zantiotis
on 04.05.2015

1248:Bobo's real name is Panayiota. She is from Logothetianika. Bobo married Panayioti Fardouly in Logothetianika in 1954. They currently live in Sydney.

submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 20.03.2016

1301:Bobo is my aunt Panayiotitsa's pet name. My mother Litsa (Garifalia) Castrisios is her older sister and lives in Hobart, Tasmania. We were browsing and my mother became excited at seeing her sister - particularly because she was wearing a dress that she had sewn for her many years ago - bringing back many memories!