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Spyro Calocerinos

Calocerinos(Kalokairinou) Maria and Pipitsa 1923

 My mother was born in Kythera. Her maiden name was Nikolopoulou and her parents were from Gytheon. She was educated at the Naxos Girls Catholic School and received her degree in French. She was killed in a horrific accident in Hora while walking with my blind father to Kapsali 1962. Her eikonostasio is just below the Hora public school.She was born in the year 1900 .In the photo with my sister Pipitsa(later Semitecolos,Semos) from Temora.

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Spyro Calocerinos
on 12.07.2004

My father Valeriois and mother Maria in 1922.Well known shopkeepers in Kythera. My mother's horrific death by car accident while walking with my blind father,towards Kapsali is commemorated by the eikonostasi just under the Hora public school