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submitted by Dean Coroneos on 14.09.2007

Classic family portrait from the 1920's??

Classic family portrait from the 1920's??
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This photograph was found in the Koroneos Belos patriko spitti in Karavas in 2007.

The woman standing (middle second row) is Angeliki Koroneos, sister to Nick, Crithanthe (later Katsoolis), Triunduphilos, Maria (later Creatha), George, and Dimitri Koroneos.

The rest of the persons in the photograph are unknown to me, although the man seated on the left hand side front (embracing child) looks like Theothosios Koroneos, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather to so many Koroneii in Australia, and others in the USA.

Can you help identify them?

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submitted by
Antony Zaglas
on 12.11.2016

Peter Capsanis had two kids I am aware of, George and Dino. George was Mayor of Agia Pelagia and Dino had the supermarket there. I believe the George now operates the supermarket. I think that their Village of origin was Agia Anastasia.