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Matty Lech (nee, Coroneos)

Coroneos Family, Melasofaos Karavas.

Photographs of Coroneos family (Gunning) grandparents.

Left: Minas Cominos and his wife (?). They did not have any children.

Standing: Melpomeni Cominos.

Standing: Peter Hilos Tzortzopoulos (Monaro Cafe, Goulburn, later to move to Red Hill in Canberra). Wife is Marouli, wife of Peter, holding a baby (chidren of Peter and Marouli).

Elderly couple are the parents of Melpomeni Conimos, Charles and Kirranni Cominos.

Christophoros Melasofaos Coroneos & Melopomeni Comino from Karava in Kythera, who came to Australia, where they started a café in Gunning, named The Busy Bee.

Photographs of their parents, brothers and sisters, children, the family tree, family documents, and the Busy Bee, Gunning, are also all available at other locations on the web-site. [Search internally under Coroneos, or Melasofaos.]



OCHI DAY 2005 Photographic Award

Announcement of the Karavitiko Symposium Best Photograph of Person/Group Portraits - of people from Karavas.

Prize: A$250

The winner is: Mrs Matty Lech (nee, Coroneos), Kensington, Sydney.

The Selection Committee awarded this photograph the prize for the following reasons: "It was felt that perosn depicted in the photograph from the 1920's, have such a large number of Karaviti decendants, largely in Australia, but many on Kythera. The photograph thus binds many Karavithes together".

Matty would like to re-donate the prize.

To be awarded on Greek National Day (GND), 25th March, 2006.

The new prize becomes the GND 2006 Coroneos ("Melasafaos") Prize, for Best Photograph of Person/Group Portraits - of people from Karavas.



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