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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 01.06.2008

Coulentianos - Mavromatis

Coulentianos - Mavromatis
Copyright (0000) Stamatoula Mavromatis Chlentzos

A photo from the archives of Stamatoula Chlentzos.

101 year old Stamatoula identified these men as follows:

Standing: Manolis Coulentianos, Nicholas Coulentianos, Vasilios Coulentianos

Seated: Panayiotis Coulentianos; Haralamobos Coulentianos ; Antonis Mavromatis (Stamatoula's father)

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submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 20.03.2016

Antonis Mavromatis was my mother Litsa's (Garifalia) Castrisios nee Lahana godfather.