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submitted by Peter Trearchis on 15.03.2007

Gavrilis/Feros Family in Kythera 1929

Gavrilis/Feros Family in Kythera 1929
Copyright (1929)

Hi does anyone know who the people are in this picture?
I know that the following people are:
man in center- Demetrios Gavrilis holding on to Ted Gavrilis
second from left standing- Nicholas Gavriles
fourth from right- Peter Gavrilis
fifth from right- Pagonitsa (Pagonis) Gavrilis
second from right- Yiannis Christianos
far left standing with man's hand on shoulder- Jim Gavrilis
woman with hat- my relative Foteine "Foto" (Fyropoulos/Feros) Panaretos
woman kittycorner to her- Foto's sister Vasiliki Fyropoulos/Feros

Any additional information at all would be great.
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Peter Trearchis

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submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 09.01.2010

950:My mother Litsa Castrisios recognized her grandfather Yiannis Christianos third person standing from the right

submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 22.01.2011

1014:My mother Litsa Castrisios has identified the woman (seated) second from the right as her aunt Panagiotitsa Konstandinidis (daughter of Yiannis Christianos)