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Peter Trearchis

Gavrilis/Feros Family in Kythera 1929

Hi does anyone know who the people are in this picture?
I know that the following people are:
man in center- Demetrios Gavrilis holding on to Ted Gavrilis
second from left standing- Nicholas Gavriles
fourth from right- Peter Gavrilis
fifth from right- Pagonitsa (Pagonis) Gavrilis
second from right- Yiannis Christianos
far left standing with man's hand on shoulder- Jim Gavrilis
woman with hat- my relative Foteine "Foto" (Fyropoulos/Feros) Panaretos
woman kittycorner to her- Foto's sister Vasiliki Fyropoulos/Feros

Any additional information at all would be great.
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Peter Trearchis

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Anna Castrisios
on 09.01.2010

My mother Litsa Castrisios recognized her grandfather Yiannis Christianos third person standing from the right

Anna Castrisios
on 22.01.2011

My mother Litsa Castrisios has identified the woman (seated) second from the right as her aunt Panagiotitsa Konstandinidis (daughter of Yiannis Christianos)