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submitted by Koula Veneris on 27.12.2004

George and Koula Travasaros 1934

George and Koula Travasaros 1934
Copyright (0000) Koula Veneris

George Travasaros was born in Travassarianika in 1907 and died in 2005. He married Koula (Kyriaki) Petrohilos who was born in Fratsia in 1912 or 1913 and died in 2002. George migrated to Australia in 1938 and eventually settled in Albury NSW in 1944. His wife Koula and daughters Katina and Stamatina joined him in Australia in 1948.

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submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 03.01.2005

160:In the book "The Voyage Of Their Life" by Diane Armstrong - the story of the SS DERNA and it's passengers 1948- there are photographs of Stan Travassaros, Mattie Travassaros,Vassiliki Fatseas, Petro Fatseas, John Comino, Mary Fatseas,Stamatina, Mrs. KOULA TRAVASAROS, Katina Travasaros and Betty Fatseas in photograph section between pages 148- 149.Now, Koula Veneris the granddaughter of Mr George and Mrs Koula Travasaros,and Stamatina's daughter submits some wonderful photographs.Thank you Koula.