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James Prineas

George Kastrisios of Mitata in the 1990s.

Taxi Driver Extraordinaire

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Charles Athousis
on 29.08.2015

ΤΑΡΖΑΝ=(TARZAN) is how everybody knew him He used to always whistle as he was driving us in his American taxi on the way to the Mitata school (and the way back home to Viaradika) Never heard him swore or say something nasty... sometimes when he did not come to pick us up (car broken) we had to walk to school which was a pain as it was mostly uphill...we didn't mind returning to Viaradika as it was mostly downhill and we would shortcut through the gardens of Mitata (and may find a fruit or two to pinch after a refreshing drink) Tarzan had a little garden not far from the bridge (almost the lowest point of the ravine) and he had an exquisite TZANERA tree (plum like) yet due to the fact that it was on the main road a lot of people would stop and pick a fair few not exluding myself so he came up with an idea:He did this every year since He erected a sign painted blue -I think- and the sign would read: DON'T EAT (THE FRUIT) as it has been sprayed (with pesticide) Whether the tree was sprayed I never found out yet no-one would risk poisoning so his Tzanera were left alone at last so he could gather them all and sell them (his Mrs) in Potamos Sunday marketalong with all the other fruit and vegies he had God rest his soul and his son's Mina who died so young...