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George Poulos

Koroneos Family, Karavas, uryazzi-ing - ploughing. 1930's.

Koroneos family.

My Pappou, Triunduphilo Theothosios Koroneos, as a young man in his thirties is on the far left.

His father, my great-grandfather, Theothosios Yanni Koroneos is on the far right - aged about 70, and hoe in hand - still working very, very hard.
Another picture including my great-grandfather and great-grandmother taken in 1939, can be found at

My mothers best guess is that the woman standing next to Triunduophilo is his cousin Tassia, "Epismo" - known as "Epsimitsa".

The names of the other women, also with hoes in hand, and also working hard - to be advised.

Triunduphilo would be the only one of his 8 brothers and sisters not to migrate permanently to Australia, or the USA. John Koroneos (Crown), and Zufiria migrated to the USA.

Theothosios had two wives, (?).......and Stamatoko.

To his first wife he had three children:


She died in childbirth, during the delivery of a "fourth" child.

To his second wife he had 6 children:

Chrisanthe (married, Katsoolis)
Maria (married Kritheri, Brisbane)

Triunduphilo was the only one of his 8 brothers and sisters to remain on Kythera.

In 1928, accompanied by one of Erophili's children, Jack Vanges, of California Cafe, fame (Nyngan, NSW), Triunduphilo emigrated to Australia. Jack "took to" Australia almost immediately, [see a photograph of the California Cafe, Nyngan, at:
- but his cousin Triunduphilo could not get used to the country, was very unhappy here - and he returned to Karavas, Kythera.

My mother tells me that her father left for Australia when she was born. She realls as a two year old the day he returned to Karavas. Kosta Aplitos Kritharis, told her to run up and greet him, and kiss his hand....she did run over...and kissed the hand of the wrong person.

Triunduphilo was a prominent figure in the affairs of Karavas for 40 years. He later became the mayor of Karavas for more than a decade. Amongst other achievements, he was instrumental in helping to create the "mollo" at Plattia Ammos.

During the 1970's he came to Australia for a visit; his only other visit to Australia. To see a photograph of Triunduphilo during his second visit, go to:

Other than being re-united with his six children, I am not sure he enjoyed Australia that much more, the second time around.

Triunduphilo's children Angie (Poulos), Manuel, and Voula (Logus) translated his name "Rose" to Phillip, when naming their children.

Jack Vanges daughters, Lilly and Helen, always used the cute epithet "Uncle Rosy" when referring to Triunduphilo.

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