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submitted by George Poulos on 29.11.2004

Kytherians drinking their coffee. 1970's(?)

Kytherians drinking their coffee. 1970's(?)
Copyright (0000) Helen Kaloperinos

"Locals drinking their coffee. Man seated at left has lived in Australia for many years."

From A Trip to Kythera. The Island of Venus, a travelogue from c. 1970's, written by Helen Kaloperinos.

I wonder if anyone can recognise any/all of these locals?

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submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 04.06.2006

317:I recognize the man on the right to be my late uncle Panayiotis Fardoulis of Potamos Kythera

submitted by
Manuel Carydis
on 09.03.2007

387:The man on the far left is Peter Poulos , deceased, ex Gilgandra

submitted by
George Alfieris
on 21.04.2007

411:From Left to Right. Panagiotis Hihlis(proper surname Poulos), Vretos Louris (Stelliou) and Panagiotis Kalogridis (Fardoulis)(Kalogridis)

submitted by
Nicholas Jenkins
on 02.06.2020

1449:My Uncle Peter Poulos --- married my dad's sister Ourania. Their Theo and Helen are my 1st cousins. I miss them all very much. ----per Nicholas Jenkins [Jenkins aka Tsiggounis]