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Barbara Zantiotis

Leaving for Australia 1956

This photo was taken at the port in Piraeus in March 1956.  My mother, then Kyrani Anastasopoulos, was about to leave for her journey to Australia.  

Left to right - Kaity (her mother Kyriakoula was the sister of my mother's mother Barbara Komninou), Kyriakoula's husband, Eleni Anastasopoulos (her father George (Doupi) was the brother of my mother's father Peter), my mother, Kaity's brother, Anna Komninou (her father Anastasios was Barbara's brother), Peter Anastasopoulos (my mother's father), unknown girl who travelled with my mother all the way to Central Railway Station in Sydney, Kaity Komninou (sister of Anna), unknown friend from Piraeus.


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