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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 19.01.2010

Mama at School Kondolianika 1908

Mama at School Kondolianika 1908
Copyright (1908)

(Note of Admin: this is such an important picture - there must be 1000s of people related to those in the picture. I've increased the contrast so you can see the faces a little better. Thank you George for this amazing submission.)

This photograph was taken at about 1908. The girls and their teacher Katina are seated at the door steps of their school at Kondolianika. My mother Despina Leontsini her sister Eleni, her cousin Diamanta Leontsini and their closest friend Kyriakoula Leontsini the mother of the surgeon Manolis Kalokairinos and several other girls relatives and friends are posing and showing us how meticulously and properly dressed they are for the ocasion. Note that this same teacher was still about in 1942, when we were in Kythera, during the war, and she was my teacher too for one year.
George Argyropoulos

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