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submitted by Robin Tzannes on 12.08.2003

Pasha Ali

Pasha Ali
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This is a fragment of a portrait of our Papou and Yaya, George and Maria Tzannes. Papou’s nickname was Pasha Ali, because he was such a big landowner in Fratsia, with beautiful orchards, vineyards and gardens. His house, perfectly situated in a quiet spot just behind the Platia, commanded a magnificent view of the valley towards Leondarikianika. Maria was originally a Kallinikos from Viradika, the daughter of a priest nicknamed Karaghiozis. (An amusing coincidence, as Ali Pasas and Karaghiozis are both popular characters in the Greek shadow puppet theater.)

Together Papou and Yaya had 11 children and 23 grandchildren. Of the 11 children, nine survived into adulthood. Stavros, Ioannis, Constantinos and Fortini emigrated to America; Cosmas and Stamatoula to Australia; Eleni to Athens. Only two daughters, Kalliope Masselos and Pothiti Kypriotis, remained on Kythera. Photograph by Panayotis Fatseas.

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submitted by
John Kallinicos
on 14.09.2020

Maria Kallinicos was my great grand father's sister. He was Kosma (buried next to the Church of Eleousa). They had a sister Yainoula who married a Kondoleon from Viarathika. Their father was George Kallinicos and the mother was Fotini Panlaki. George was a priest as was his father and grand father. John Kallinicos