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submitted by Petros Kominos on 12.11.2003

Petros Theodorou Kominos (1907 - 1995)

Petros Theodorou Kominos (1907 - 1995)
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Petros Kominos, was born in 1907 at Ntourianika, Kithira, where he was the third child of Theodoros and Ligeri Kominos and he had two sisters (Veludo and Kiriakoula). He had a difference of twenty years from his sister Kiriakoula.

He was well educated and he had finished high school in a period that most of the Greeks did not even attend elementary school.

From 1930 to 1940 he owned shops at Logothetianika and Potamo. In addition, he was a peddlar, selling clothes and other important at the time products.

He fought at the Greek-Albanian borders during the Second World War. When the army was returned from the borders he suffered from frostbites on his legs and his life was saved by a Kitirian who carried him all the way back to Kithira. Later, this man became the godfather of Ioannis, one of Petros's sons.

At his return, all the stock from his shops had been taken by the Germans. Having no other option, he became a farmer to feed his family. He was the founder of the agricultural co-operative of Potamos.

Since 24th of July, 1938 he was married with Stamatoula Mauromati from Logothetianika. She was the daughter of Ioannis and Smaragdo Mauromatis and she had two sisters (Katerina (1922) who died after one year from typhus and Loula) and four brothers (Zaxarias, Dimitris, Giorgos, and Manolis)

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