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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 09.11.2004

Pitsinianika Soccer Club 1930

Pitsinianika Soccer Club 1930
Copyright (1930) Emmanuel Casimatis

Photo provided by Mr. Emmanuel Casimatis.
This was one of the first Soccer Clubs in Kythera. The people in the photo are:
From Left to right, Kostas Cassimatis (Papadopoulos) Theodoros Casimatis(Bakalis and captain of the team),Melidonis (Vatikiotis High school Hora) Theodoros Casimatis (Gerassimou), Spyros Firos (from The USA) Spyros Vlantis (Metaxas), Spyros Hatzis (Hora), Pipis Lourantos (Hlapas) and Jack Calligeros (Stratis). Please note: Only Spyros Vlantis is still alive today and unknown if Melidonis is still alive.The last one to die recently, was Theodoros Casimatis (Gerassimou), three months ago.

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