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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 12.07.2004

Semitecolos(semos) Panagiotitsa(pipitsa) Pipitsa

Semitecolos(semos) Panagiotitsa(pipitsa) Pipitsa
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Pipitsa was married in Kythera to Petros(Peter) Semitecolos(Semos) in 1934. Peter was in Australia for a number of years before his marriage and worked at Barmedman NSW with Greg Samios(Kotsifos) then he owned a restaurant at Temora. They had Four children, Fotis(Philip),Katerina married to Eustace Alfred, Valerios married to Katina and Petros(Peter) After her husband's death she married Antonis Cassimatis(Vouros) 

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submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 12.07.2004

95:Pipitsa Semos,married in Kythera 1934 and went to Temorawith husband Peter. Had Four children, Fotis(Philip)married to Bronwyn, Valerios married to Katina, Katerina married to Eustace Alfred, and Petro(Peter).