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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 26.11.2009

Special Occasion - What was it?

Special Occasion - What was it?
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Where was this?
What was the occasion?
What year did this take place?
Help would be appreciated.

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submitted by
Nikos Andronikos
on 19.01.2010

951: Hi Vikki. Have not talked to you for a long time. We are going to Kythera in April shortly after Easter, to meet Gaye Hegeman. Her pro papou was our Papous Brother. Another Andronikos WOW!! Do you Know her ?she has a lot of msgs & stoties on the Kyth netsite. Is there anything you would like me to do while on Kythera?? let me know. I am hoping Nikie & Andy can come too ,but I doubt it. Stay well YIASOU Nikos

submitted by
Charles Athousis
on 05.09.2015

1286:Hello there, I found this little article in the 1st issue (JANUARY 15th 1954) of ΚΥΘΗΡΑΙΚΟΣ ΤΥΠΟΣ =( KYTHERIAN PRESS) ΚΑΤΑΘΕΣiΣ ΣΤΕΦΑΝΟΥ Ό έκ Νισσύρου κ. Γεώργιος Κον- τομανώλης πρόεδρος τής έν Νέα 'Υ- όρκη Ελληνοαμερικανικής Λεγεώνος Γεώογ. Δελμπόη έκ Σμύρνης, έπε- σκέφθη τό χωρίον Μητάτα, γενόμε- νος δεκτός ύψ' δλων τών κατοίκων μέ έπί κεφαλής τόν πρόεδρον, κατα- θέσας στέφανον έπί τής άναθηματι- κής στήλης πεσόντων Μητατίων.