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Gregory Sofios

Tambakis Family Portrait 1906

Pictured circa 1900 are Kyriakos Panayotti Tamvakis (seated left) and his wife Gregoria Koukoulis Tamvaki (seated on the right.) Gregoria's mother is in the center and her father is standing left. Rubina, the first born infant, is held by the nanny.

The family fled Smyrna returned to Logothetianika/Katsoulianaka but their hardships continued there. Rubina and Panayoti, the first two of their children died in home accidents in their youth. Eleni born third in 1906 married Kytherian Haralambos Theodoros Sofios in 1929 and moved to the United States. The fourth chilkd, Kosmas moved to Athens. Emmanuel born in 1911 and his sister Marika migrated to Australia.

Kyriakos P. Tamvakis died at age 64 in 1932. Grigoria K. Tamvaki died at age 56 in 1944. Their grave marker is located in the Logothetianika cemetery.

Posted with thanks to Mrs. M. Tamvakis, Sydney.

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