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submitted by HELEN LEVOUNE-WHITE on 31.12.2004

Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo
Copyright (0000) Peter Levoune

The people in this photo are unknown to me. Can anyone identify them for me?

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submitted by
Kathy Notaras
on 11.11.2020

1482:Left standing Marego , George Levounes step sister and her husband Referene ( no children) . Sitting Stamatoula Aroney née Nikolasos . Standing John Levounes , Groom George Levounes, Bride Katina Levounes new Nikolasos. Her father Dimitrios Nikolasos, Maybe Spiros Levounes. The rest are unknown. From my mum Maria Simos nee Levoune ( they are her parents wedding in Sydney 1923) From Maria’s daughter Kathy Notaras , thank you for the lovely photos!!!