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submitted by Peter Trearchis on 27.11.2004

Yiannis Melitas with Class in Potamos, Kythera

Yiannis Melitas with Class in Potamos, Kythera
Copyright (1947) Dean Trearchis

This is a picture of Yiannis Melitas and his class in Potamos, Greece. The writing on the photo translates as-
Picture of Yiannis Melitas with students of the Public School of Potamos.
Play performed during Holiday of Panagia (August 15, 1947).

Any person with any information on Yiannis Melitas, his family, or ancestry would be a major help to me. Does anyone recognize any of the children?

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submitted by
Peter Trearchis
on 01.02.2005

183:Just wanted to add some corrections that have come up. First of the all the connection between Yiannis and my grandmother Efrosini Trifillis was that Erfosini had a sister Eleni. Eleni married Charalambos Melitas and had kids Yiannis, Calliope, Costas, Theodore, and Pareskevoula. Also here is the people in the picture left to right including where they are living now given to me by Eleni Georgopoulos a woman who was in this picture. Eleni Georgopoulos (Sydney), Pelagia Soutis (Greece), Hrisa Louris (Canberra), Mandy triarhis (Greece), Katina Psalidas (Kythera), Eleni Halioris (Brisbane) with baby Eleni Melitas on her shoulders, Yiannis Melitas (her father), Irene Zandiotis (Kythera), Matina Zandiotis (Sydney), Stavroula Bouzelakos (Greece), Erifili Baveas (Greece), Tasia Baveas (Greece), and next to her the late Stavros Mavromatis (Greece). Again anyone with any info on Yiannis would be a great help to me. Dean Trearchis P.S. If anyone knows anything about that Mandy Triarchis that also would be a big help in my research. I do not know how she could be related to me.

submitted by
Maria Katsoulis
on 14.06.2010

984:Yianni passed away in 2003. He was married to my cousin Popi (nee Megaloconomou). Their children, Charalambos and Eleni, are doing fine. Charalambos is a lawyer. Eleni has 3 lovely children and lives in Pirea.