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submitted by Isaac Panaretos on 24.08.2013

Zacharias Panaretos (1918)

Zacharias Panaretos (1918)
Copyright (1918) Angela Panaetos

Zacharias Panaretos, aged 10. Also known as Jim Panos or by me as Pappou.

Every time I went to see Pappou he would give me a $2 coin from his pocket, and then I subsequently raided the fridge for rizogalo. We sat in the sun by the window as he did crosswords and generally appreciated the beauty of knowledge, while I ate rizogalo and wondered why Pappou was better than me at lego.

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submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 20.03.2016

I too have fond memories of Jim Panaretos - always welcoming and generous - as was his wife Margarita and daughters.