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Our is a cultural archive system which invites all people associated with the Greek island of Kythera to enjoy the material which other members of the community have shared. It is a free service supported by the Kytherian Association of Australia with an aim to help promote the connection of Kythera with members of it's Diaspora all over the world. So far more than twenty thousand items - family trees, photographs, life stories etc. - have been submitted. It's free and easy to create an account to add your family history. And the site can of course be browsed by anyone without registering.

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Gravestones, Gravestones

Correct the Name of this Cemetery

I tried to locate a cemetery on Google Maps near Pisso Pigathi, and my search caused the location to be...

Gravestones, Gravestones

Searching for a grave

Can anyone please help me to trace the grave of a Scottish soldier who was reportedly buried in the cemetery...

Photos, Churches & Icons

come on down !!

a number of priests were present at this years 24th september kytherian panayias services at myritia  including the bishop from...

Photos, Churches & Icons


the church of agios theodoros . just outside potamos , agios theodoros is the patron saint of kythera , his...

Photos, Churches & Icons

proud Mary keeps on rolling !

the panayia myrtityoiitisa icon is paraded in the church courtyard as part of the 15th august feast day service ..

Photos, Churches & Icons

'' there were bells all around ''

the priest of agios theodoros rings the bells to announce that the church service was about to commence ...

Kythera map (Click to enlarge)

Kythera map with points of interest.

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19.11.2018 (Message Board)

chris otis

hello, i am looking for some great books about the amazing writer lefkadios hearn, who wrote about...

14.11.2018 (Message Board)

Tracey May Horn

Hello , My mum's father was greek his surname was Pagonis. I have been told my relatives...

10.11.2018 (Message Board)

Diana Stratigos Garvey

I have a lot of Stratigos family information and searching for more. Please contact me at

06.11.2018 (Message Board)

Wilma Rule

Can anyone please help me to trace the grave of a Scottish soldier who was buried by...