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Our is a cultural archive system which invites all people associated with the Greek island of Kythera to enjoy the material which other members of the community have shared. It is a free service supported by the Kytherian Association of Australia with an aim to help promote the connection of Kythera with members of it's Diaspora all over the world. So far more than twenty thousand items - family trees, photographs, life stories etc. - have been submitted. It's free and easy to create an account to add your family history. And the site can of course be browsed by anyone without registering.

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Photos, Modern Landscapes

fourni beach

one of the best kept beach secrets of the island on the way to karava and down a dirt track...

Photos, Churches & Icons

agios nikonas

lovely old byzantine church near the village of potamos

Photos, Modern Landscapes

Agios Nikolas (Krasas)

St. Nicolas of the Wine. Located south-west of Myrtithia, the most famous monastery on the island. 

Photos, Modern Landscapes

Cape Trechilos

To the west of the capital Hora, Cape Trachilios points out to the southern islet of Chitra.

Photos, Modern Portraits

Ruby Perry (Hericlea Megaloconomos) at 100 years

Gorgeous Ruby! Ruby's father was Evangelo Megaloconomos born 7 September 1891, died 29 January 1983   Ruby was born 16 September...

Photos, Modern Landscapes


the classicial village of trifyllianika , near potamos dates back to to the 1600 , it was formed when paliochora...

Kythera map (Click to enlarge)

Kythera map with points of interest.

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Hi everyone,   I’m on the hunt for a family member and was wondering if anyone could...

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Thank-you so much, Elli! We are getting much closer! - John! please do let me know if...

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none of my business but for the sake of my children... my ex-wife was a Helen Karonis,...

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Hi Joan I may have some info that might help you, but I am away from home...