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Our is a cultural archive system which invites all people associated with the Greek island of Kythera to enjoy the material which other members of the community have shared. It is a free service supported by the Kytherian Association of Australia with an aim to help promote the connection of Kythera with members of it's Diaspora all over the world. So far more than twenty thousand items - family trees, photographs, life stories etc. - have been submitted. It's free and easy to create an account to add your family history. And the site can of course be browsed by anyone without registering.

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People, Nicknames

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"Delei" - Harris / Bambakaris / Vamvakaris - Vamvakarathika

History, Archive/Research

Nicholas and Mottee Bubonic Plague 1900

 Nicholas and Mottee Bubonic Plague 1900 Two Greeks, George Nicholas and Peter Motis(Mottee) contracted the bubonic plague while working in...

People, Obituaries

Peter Mottee Kempsey NSW Australia

Obituary Mr. Peter Mottee  1885 – 1942   Peter Constantine Mottee, head of the firm of Messrs. Mottee Bros. Kempsey,...

Photos, Modern Landscapes

the heart of the island

aroniathika sits nearly in the heart of the island once a very large village in days gone by , take...

People, Life Stories

Hello Everyone happy new year!

Hi everyone, I saw comments from people who had already got their loan from Anderson Loan Finance. Honestly, I thought...

Photos, Modern Portraits

get me to the church on time !

 Brisbane kytherians at paliochora excursion ..exploring the wonderful site and seeing all the churches .. this one is called ' e...

Kythera map (Click to enlarge)

Kythera map with points of interest.

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31.01.2020 (Message Board)

Barbara Zantiotis

Hi James, I've not heard of these Zantiotis people however the Kytherian Genealogy Club might be able...

27.01.2020 (Message Board)

Georgia Reeves

Hi everyone, This is a longshot but my name is Georgia and I'm looking for any info...

18.01.2020 (Message Board)

Cynthia DeCarlo

I'm looking for information on the Kontoleon's. Demetrius, Horalambus, Kosta, Stella, Arho were siblings.   

27.01.2020 (Message Board)

James Anderson

Hi there,   I am seeking information about Charalambos and Panayiota Zantiotis, they were my great grandparents...