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submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 26.08.2007

WW2 V-mail letter from Philip Chlentzos to his brother Peter

There was no real secret to the v-mail process; in fact it was simple, the soldiers wrote their letters on a form provided and it was then photographed onto microfilm which was simply flown to the USA. A reel of 16mm microfilm could contain 18,000 letters and in terms of bulk and weight the roll of film took up only a fraction of what 18,000 real letters would take. Upon arrival in the USA the letters were printed from the film and then posted onward to the addressee.

These letters ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 26.01.2007

Konstantin Bernardos letter to Yiannis & Marigo Alfieris in the USA 1951

This letter was written by Konstantin Bernardos to my grandparents Yiannis and Marigo Alfieris, in the USA. They had lost contact for many years after Yiannis and Marigo immigrated to the USA. K. Bernardos somehow finds their address and writes this letter.
Marigo's mother was Efrocene Bernardos from Christoforianika.
Any information on the author or his descendants would be appreciated.

Translated the letter reads:

Konst. E. Bernardos
Athina 8

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submitted by Jean Michaelides on 06.01.2007

Nicholas Laurantus, last letter published in the Sydney Morning Herald, 1979. Nicholas criticized Greek migrants who complained about their new country.

"It is well known that very many migrants only paid a token of their fare and on arriving here were automatically granted every privilege, benefit and freedom granted to the native-born.

Here, we have our churches, schools, newspapers, brotherhoods, societies, the right to naturalize or acquire business or property. All those things are protected by the renowned British justice, but above all we are endowed with one of the best educational systems in the world — free.

History > Old Letters

submitted by Jean Michaelides on 22.12.2006

Nicholas Laurantus' inspirational Post Card. 60,000 inspirational postcards.

Nicholas Laurantus visit to Greece in 1960 stirred up his already strong feeling of pride in his native country. He wanted Australians too, to share this enthusiasm, so he ordered the printing of 60,000 postcards with four scenes of the Acropolis on one side and this message on the other:

Dear Australian Friends,

I am a Greek Australian, and having just returned from my homeland after 50 years residence in Australia I thought it appropriate to send you these views of ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Jean Michaelides on 21.12.2006

Nicholas Laurantus to The Masonic club Journal. February 1969.


Dear Brother Editor,

The first time I met our worthy President
Bro. J. H. Aldridge over a drink at our Club, I told him that I was a Greek National, and although I lived for 60 years here in Australia, I still loved my old country, as I also love my adopted country, Australia.
"Of course," he said, “that’s only natural”:
and then he started reciting the following:

‘Breathes there the man with soul ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Jean Michaelides on 21.12.2006

Sir Nicholas Laurantus. To Sydney Morning Herald. 1978.

The Editor, Sydney Morning Herald.


Brave New Ethnic World

Having read the long article under the above heading in S.M.IH. 2.6.78, I am wondering why the Eederal Government is bent on spending 50 million dollars on supposed migrant needs. A very large amount of cash for very obscure aims. I am an old migrant myself with 70 years residence here and of all the myriads of migrants that I have met, never did one of them ever complain to me for ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 02.01.2007

Postcard of Myrtidiotisa 1947

This was a post card sent to Maria Alfieris (nee Chlentzos) in Oakland, California, dated 15/12/47.
I beleive it was from her nephew, Manolis Sofios, from Logothetianika, and was taken by him, but I can not be certain.

To see a larger photograph of the monastary
Click here


Dear Thea,

History > Old Letters

submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 29.03.2007

Postcard from George Peter Vamvakaris (1907-1942)

George was the son of Panayiotis and Maria Alfieris Vamvakaris (1887-1960).
This postcard was written to his mother's brother Vrettos Alfieris (1890-1974) and his wife Marigo (Theothorakaki)(1895-1961)

George was killed in World War II while serving in the Australian Army.

See also:

George’s WW II Certificate of Service

George ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Dawna Stevens on 06.06.2006


My grandfather Georgios D. Thymaras left Spetses Island in the 1920's to immigrate to the United States. He was about to return when he suddenly died. None of his children ever got to meet their extended family members until the year of 2000. He changed his sir name to Spetsas after the name of the island; It has been rumored in the family that his grandfather changed his name from Christakis after leaving Kriti, but this part has not yet been verified.

History > Old Letters

submitted by Peter Vanges on 09.05.2006

A hand written letter of Emmanuel Kritharis forwarded on the 14th April 1902 to his brother at Kythera.

"For reasons unknown to us Kritharis moved to Mortdale N.S.W. in 1861 where he lived for the remainder of his life. We know, from a letter written on the 14th April 1902 to his brother Menas on the island, that Emmanuel Kritharis lived in the area of Mortdale, in George Street, not far from Sydney in a house called “Athena Cottage”. We learn also the astonishing information that the Kytherian member of Parliament, Kaloutzis, had volunteered his services to recommend Emmanuel Kritharis for the ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Peter Peter Poulos on 27.10.2006

Athena (Tzortzo)Poulos (nee, Connell), writing to her mother-inlaw, Olympia Tzortzopoulos, Karavas, Kythera. 1936.

Announcing the death of her husband from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Goulburn, 27th March, 1936
Auburn St.

Dearest Mother, Greetings, I kiss you for Panayiotis and the children, and I wish my dearest mother, my letter finds you all in good health.

I believe my loving mother that you have heard of the tragic death of your Dimitries - my husband. It is very sad mother, one for you, and one hundred for me. You lost your son, whom you ...

History > Old Letters

submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 03.10.2004

Australian Greek Day, 1941

On and preceding ‘National Greek Day’, 28Feb1941, a few Northern NSW newspapers carried this letter from James E. Panagiotopoulos to his brother John at Dorrigo:

Dear John,

By my letter I send you my best wishes, and thank God we are all alive and enjoying the best of health. Hoorah for our Greek nation! Hoorah for the war! Hoorah for everlasting life for our country Greece. Hoorah for the British Empire; and Hoorah for the young nation Australia! This war, which ...