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aroni eleni searching for family tree

submitted by Aroni Eleni on 25.11.2004

i was born in alexandria egypt at 1958, so was my father alexander aronis ,my grandfather nicolas aronis ,had a coffee shop in egypt,died 1954, his father was michalis grandfather anna aroni was born in alexandria egypt and her father was roumanian, her mother was christina.if you know anything pls contact me .thank you

submitted by
Peter Tsicalas
on 10.01.2005

This isn’t directly relevant to your question but….some years ago I tried to trace the background of a likely rellie born in Egypt in 1914, subsequently discovering that all Egyptian birth/death/marriage documents were housed in a place called 'The Kept Document House' in Kalaa, Cairo. Their collection started in 1845 and apparently included records of all persons who were born, married or died anywhere in Egypt. This building apparently is/was located in 'The Citadel, Al Mahgar.'
But it was all too hard due language hassles and the need to provide specific details.

However, I now see that such certificates are issued by the
Ministry of the Interior
Al-Sheikh Rihan Street
Bab al-Louk, Cairo, Egypt
email: [email protected]
tel 355-6301 or 354-8661
Their web site at is in Arabic so the exact procedure to request certificates is still a mystery.

Even so, I'd bet that there'd still be hassles without direct personal contact over the counter. So it might pay to seek assistance from the Orthodox Church:
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
of Alexandria and all Africa
P.O.Box 2006
Tel: + 2-03-4868595
Fax: + 2-03-4875684
email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Failing that, you might have some luck through the Greek Embassy:
Greek Embassy
18 Aisha El Taymouria Garden City, Cairo
Tel: (00202) 7950443,7955915, 7951074 Fax: 7963903
email: [email protected]

Address: 63, Rue Alexandre Le Grand, Shatby, Alexandrie
Tel: (00203) 4878454,.4878455, Fax: 4865896

Address: 14, Rue Emad El Din, Cairo
Tel.: (00202) 5753833, 5741085, Fax: 5753962

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