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1071: Caravousanos Folk !

submitted by Tony Caravousanos on 03.03.2004

Hi - My name is Tony Caravousanos. I live in Dublin Ireland. My Grandfather came from Livadi in Kythira and went to the USA around 1900.

My wife's name is Ola and we have 2 children - a boy Keith and a girl Ria - after Kythera !
Any Caravousanos folk out there - I would like to hear from you.
Best wishes - Tony.

submitted by
on 09.03.2004

1124:Caravousanos folk,
A Mr. Caravousanos owned the Athenian restaurant in the Sydney business district during the 1950's and was well established before that. He specialised in Greek cuisine, his clientele being Greeks and a few cluey Australians. Mr. Caravousanos was a popular destination for Kytherians from country towns visiting Sydney. Try the Sydney white pages telephone directory which is on line, for descendants. Good luck. Mary Conomos. .

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