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Christianos clan

submitted by James Gavriles on 24.05.2005

I am looking for some info on the Christianos clan ,possibly from Logothetianica? My Grandmother was Politimi Christianos and she died when my Father was very young. She was married to my Grandfather ,Demetrios Gavrilis from Logothetianica. They had 6 sons.
I also know that my Father had a first cousin Michael Christianos who also had come to Detroit Michigan and was a partrner with my Father in the restaurant business for a short time. He was married and had children. Somehwere they seem to have dissappeared in the 1920's I should have asked more about them from my Father while he was alive,but youth doesn't think about things like that. Anyhow, any info on this family would be appreciated, as I know very little of the Christianos side of my family. James Gavriles

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