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Comino Announcement. May '2005.

submitted by Robert Kass on 20.05.2005

This is a message for all Comino's..... We had a Comino re-union in 1988. At one of the many picnics that were organised at that time a Comino Coat of Arms, (or a Family Crest) was produced by someone. ... Hence, does anyone remember who had it? ... ... All the best, ... Robert.

submitted by
Jim Comino
on 11.04.2007

Dear Robert
I know its been a long time since you posted this question but it takes a long time to get through these pages.
Firstly your answer to me about Minas Comino is the wrong Comino, that Comino had the wrong sisters and brothers to our Minas. I,d dearly love to get a photo of him.

Secondly/ I have the coat of arms of the Comino Dynasty and it is also mentioned in the Encyclophedia under Emperor Alexias Comnenius, and his wife Mary , two sons 1? number two Issac. the Byzantian Empire started by a Roman Emperor, followed by Constantine at Constantinople, then onto the Comneniuses,
The Family Crest is available on the Family Net/ submitted by Greek Iconology. Its a Double Headed Eagle Iconology of Byzantium.
Keep up the good work Leslie Comino

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