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Discover your Kytherian roots holiday idea

submitted by Ellena Galtos on 01.11.2004

James Prineas must have been reading my mind... his suggestion in the latest newsletter about arranging a 'discover your roots' holiday in Kythera in October 2005 fits in well with plans I was making anyway.
I have been planning a trip to Europe next year, which was to start with Greece, including a visit to Kythera. As one of those Greek-Australians whose Greek is far from fluent, I would love to take advantage of James's suggestion. It would certainly save me the effort of finding a Greek speaking friend to help with the family history research I intended doing.
My parents have shown me copies of info they've obtained from Kytherian archives; so I know that I would need help reading the old handwritten records. Any extra cultural, social or history oriented activities would just be a bonus.
So, I can volunteer 2 people (my husband and me) to join up with this 'discover your roots' venture. Who's next?
Ellena Galtos

submitted by
Maria Cavacos
on 04.02.2005

Hi! I've just submitted a question abt this reunion...thought it was September- definetly want to be part of this! Maria Cavacos- Baltimore, MD

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