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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 23.04.2005

Reserve your seat at our Kythera “Discover Your Roots” Day

I'm pleased to announce that the first official “Discover your Roots” day is to be held on Saturday the 13th of August, 2005. A single day event in the capital of Kythera, Hora, it will allow many passionate Diaspora Kytherians as well as fans of to finally meet each other and swap family and island information. We are planning to have some island experts – archeologists, natural historians, archival specialists and artists – to present their Kytherian work in short lectures in English. I will present the site's newest features and would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions regarding And of course those who have never used the website are more than welcome as well – the day will by no means revolve around the website or the internet.

John Stathatos, director of the Kythera Cultural Association, has booked the Kythera Village Hall (Kythiraikos Syndesmos) in Hora for the occasion. He is also heading the planning committee and can be contacted at stathatos(at) if you have any suggestions.

With an entry fee of only EUR10/A$15 (for the print-outs we are preparing) and a day full of information invaluable to anyone interested in Kythera and their family history, there is no excuse for any of you lucky enough to be on the island this summer to miss out. In typical Kytherian fashion, family and friends are all welcome.

To help plan the event we need you to let us know if you'd like to attend. Please send me your name, email address or telephone number, and the number of people you'll bring with you. Even if you aren't 100% certain of being there let us know anyway. You'll get regular updates of additions to the program as well as optional add-ons to the program such as gallery visits and archive tours. My email address is james(at) In Sydney you can call George Poulos on 02.9388 83 20 or fax us on 02.9810 6691.

And if you haven't made any plans yet for your holidays this August, we hope we've given you another reason to visit the beautiful island of Kythera.

submitted by
Maryann Mazarick-stoner
on 24.04.2005

Hope to see a grand turn out! Add three Mazaricks into the count! We are excited to see the homeland of our grandfather. Unfortunately, we have lost most of the culture through the "melting pot" of America. Though we speak no Greek, we are proud of...and cling to the Greek part of our heritage. We will see you there!

submitted by
Phillip Mazarick
on 03.05.2005

I'm just wondering how a family so proud of their Greek heritage can't even spell their name in Greek?


Brother Maz

Phil Mazarick or is it Mazarakis?
I'm so confused!

submitted by
Maryann Mazarick-stoner
on 03.05.2005

We can't help what was done to our name. But that makes a good research question! I'll look back to see if it was changed at Ellis Island or perhaps later. It's still a proud matter how you spell it.

submitted by
Neil Fraser
on 25.05.2005

With only a few thousand Kytherians living on the island today and a diaspora of perhaps 50,000 world wide, a "Discover Your Roots Day" would be of much more value if it was held in Sydney or Chicago etc. How about it?

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