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Does anyone recognize the name?

submitted by Maryann Mazarick-stoner on 06.06.2005

In a handwritten journal, kept by Michael Mazarakis of Hora...I see the name (though hard to read)
Anargyro Megaloconoma
Logos Bros.
Boonah Guglaug
which is written in the back cover. I was just curious if this name rings a bell for anyone.

submitted by
Peter Tsicalas
on 12.07.2005

This would have to be Arthur Conomos (Anargeros Dionysiou Megaloconomos of Kapsali), the father of Denis, the author of ‘The Greeks of Queensland; A History from 1859-1945.’
Sixteen year old Arthur landed in 1912 and acquired his Boonah café around 1918/19. He returned to Kythera in 1929 and married Eleni Emm Varipati, both coming back Aust 1930 to resettle at Toowoomba.
The Logos Bros were Mick (Minas) and Nick Dimitri Logothetis, but whether they were partners or employees is a mystery. Fourteen year old Mick landed in 1909 and seems to have turned up in Boonah about the same time as Arthur. A year or so later they were joined by Nick, who landed 1912 aged 13, but about 1920/21 he and Mick moved on to Blackall, where they remained until just after WW2.
Mick married Anna George Tsitsilios 1929 Kythera, perhaps suggesting he and Arthur Conomos returned together.
[Love that address - ‘Boonah Guglag.’ As far as I know Boonah never had a ‘Corrective Labour Camp’, but Uncle Joh must have thought about building one after all the residents became militant socialists when he tore up their railway line. He’d be delighted that Queensland now has ‘Correction Facilities’, administered by the ‘Department of Corrective Services.’ Dunno what happened to their prisons.]

submitted by
Maryann Mazarick-stoner
on 13.07.2005

It is interesting that though Michael Mazarakis immigrated to America about the same time that Mick and Arthur landed in Austrlia (they were about the same age)they kept up with their "hometown" buddies...though across the world.
They would all be amazed at today's technology and proud of how this website connects to them and us to each other.

submitted by
George Poulos
on 07.09.2005

To see a photograph of the Logos Brothers Central Cafe in Blackall, Queensland, go to:

submitted by
Denis A Conomos
on 07.09.2005

To see a photograph of young cane-cutters, taken c.1919, which includes Arthur Conomos, (Anargeros Dionysiou Megaloconomos), Mick Logos, and Nick Logos, see:

Re-printed in: The Greeks in Queensland, page, 347.

"Arthur Conomos...had come to Australia in 1912, at the age of 16, and had worked for the Freelaguses in Brisbane, cut cane at Childers, and operated cafes in Boonah and Brisbane, before buying into a partnership which owned cafes in Toowoomba and Dalby. In 1929, he left Dalby to return to Kythera to find a wife. When he arrived at his home village of Kapsali, he met Elenie (Helen) Emmanuel Varipatis, who had been only 2 years old when he had left to come to Australia. She was now a grown woman of 19 years.

The families were koumbaroi, as Conomos' sister, Dindi, was the godmother of two of Helen's siblings, and they were near neighbours. Conomos and Helen saw each other frequently in the normal course of village life. After three or four months of such contact, Conomos, accompanied by a proxeniti, asked Emmanuel Varipatis for permission to marry his daughter. That permission was granted, and Helen herself agreeing, the couple became engaged, marying five months later. During the engagement period, the couple saw each other constantly, but always in the company of a brother or sister acting as a chaperone.

Eighteen days after they were married, they set off for Australia".
The Greeks in Queensland, page, 218.

Numerous other references to the life of Arthur Conomos, can be found in The Greeks in Queensland.

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