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Emmauel Antonios Cassimatis moved to Australia

submitted by Tania Cassimatis on 27.04.2005

I have the great need to find out more information regarding my grandfather who arrived in Australia on 8th April 1914 at the age of 14. Emmauel Antonios Cassimatis (Cassum) lived his life in a small town in country NSW called Ardlethen where he ran and owned the local cafe. He came to Australia with a cousin, while his parents remained in Kythera. Emmauel was born in January 1899. What I need to know is which town in Kythera he was from and the name of his parents. Hoping some one can help me with this - it would be of great assistence. Thank you.

submitted by
Peter Makarthis
on 29.04.2005

Hello Tania,
Search 'Kotsifos' and you will find some reference to your search in a submission by Spyros Calocerinos which I am sure will be of assistance. The name 'Kotsifos' refers to a small bird found in the Potamos area on Kythera.This nickname is also associated with Peter Sourrey who was at Inverell/Moree c1901-1912.
Kalo Paska
Peter M

submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 30.04.2005

Tania, a very good friend (another Emmanuel Cassimatis) has given me some information regarding your grandfather. Firstly, one of the brothers,"Vic" was in a dry cleaning business in Temora NSW ,in partnership with Nick Katsoulis. His wife Heather went to Coonamble NSW and the son (Antonis) was a detective in Sydney then moved to Surfer's paradise in Queensland. Another brother was well known to me "George" who had a Milk Bar in Revesby N.S.W. married to Theodora (Dori) and was in parnership with my koumparo Peter Frilingos. If you email me I will give you Peter Frilingos' phone number to contact him. I am almost certain that your granfathers family came from Frilingianika and Emmanuel's father was spending a lot of his time pulling the fishing nets in Avlemonas. Emmanuel's father's name would be Antonis. I hope this has been of some help.

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