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21651: Family history search Mazarakis/Coukoulis

submitted by Vicki Russell on 29.07.2013

Am looking for information on relations who came form Cerigo. Names are Antonio, Peter and Andrew Mazarakis three brothers who arrived in Australia at the beginning of the 1900's or just before. Their father's name is believed to be Neelos. Also looking for information on their sister Anastasia who married I believe George Coukoulis who moved to America and settled in Missouri. Any information would be very appreciated.

submitted by
Elaine Coulson
on 04.10.2015

23160:My paternal grandmother was Anastasia Coukoulis, married to George Coukoulis. They lived in St. Louis, Missouri, where I live. My father, Gus (Constantinos), came to STL with his parents when he was a young child. My grandfather died before I was born, but my yiayia lived much longer. I have been to Kythera a few times and have seen the family's home. How are we related?

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