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Fork in the Road - destination - KYTHERA

submitted by George Poulos on 26.05.2004

One of the locations for the SBS Program [Australia] A Fork in The Road, in 2004 will be KYTHERA.

Chief Researcher, Ashley Smith travelled to Kythera in March, and undertook extensive filming and interviewing, during his one week visit.

"Fork" has a double meaning:
both fork - in a literal road, ie pertaining to travel, and
fork - as in eating utensil.

Cultures are explored through their culinary predelictions, conventions, styles, preferences etc.

The program that will air in Australia has not been finalised yet (end May 2004). It is still being edited.

All Kytherians look forward to its airing with eager anticipation.

For more background on the Fork in the Road see entry under History - subsection - General History.

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