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george castrisios in Hobart

submitted by Len Eaton on 15.06.2011

back in the 1950's my mother was a waitress in George's Oasis Cafe in Collins St, Hobart. George was a tall, dark-haired man with a big heart and hearty manner. As a boy in high school I worked at his fish shop further up the street, the Galaxy. I'm afraid my mum learned quite a few of the naughty greek words which George found hilarious. Would love to hear from any of his family.

submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 20.04.2012

Hello Len

George Castrisios was my uncle. At the time he had a partner Edna Coombes who also worked in the businesses. They married in 1978.
Uncle George also had three other brothers living in Hobart at that time - Tasos (Anastasios), Elias (my father) and Peter (Panayiotis). All have since passed away.
Uncle George died in 1987 and aunt Edna in 2007. Uncle George developed Parkinson's Disease in the last ten years of his life.
Uncle George was very well known among the Australian community - and older members remember him as a social and very generous person.


submitted by
Len Eaton
on 23.04.2012

hi Anna, Edna's name rings a faint bell with me. When my Mum worked for George I still recall George as a big man, full of laughter, a happy man. In the mid 1950's (my high school years) I did work for him after school in his fish and chip outlet which I think was called the Galaxy,...time passes with accuracy,...thanks for your email. Len

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