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Georgopoulos aka Poulos family

submitted by MARIA CAPSANIS on 09.05.2021

Would like to be in contact with the Georgopoulos family as I have original studio portrait of Bill (Vasili) Georgopoulos aka Poulos and his sons Theo and George from 1923 that I wish to give them. Bonnie (Panayotitsa) and Bill were godparents to my mother's brother Jim Lianos Kolantgis from Bellingen NSW. Many thanks. Maria Capsanis

submitted by
Peter Georgeson
on 01.12.2022

HI Maria Very interested to read of your family's relationship to mine. My name is Peter Georgeson (Georgopoulos) son of Theo. I believe we may have a copy of the photo from 1923 in our archives but i am interested to see if you have a different portrait and thank you for your offer to donate it to our family You can contact me at [email protected].

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