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Information about Charalambos and Panayiota Zantiotis

submitted by James Anderson on 11.01.2020

Hi there,


I am seeking information about Charalambos and Panayiota Zantiotis, they were my great grandparents and were parents of a large family in the 1920s.


They came from Potamos in Kythera.


My grandmother is their daughter Kaliyiopi (Poppy) who moved to Korydallos in Greece. She had two sisters, Koula and Grigoria and had brothers too, one was called Nikos and possibly another was called Yiannis.


James Anderson

submitted by
Beba Marantz
on 26.12.2020

Hello James, You might search for Nicholas Zantiotis (Nikos) who lived in Athens around 1985, he was about 35-40 at that time, had business activities abroad and lived in Pangrati in Athens His parents lived nearby at a different address. You might easily find him /them at the office of the population We had met by chance at an airport, probably in Geneva, and he became very interested when I told him I had gone several times to Kythira, and confirmed that his family came from there. Good luck, Chronia polla.

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