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Invitation Californian Kytherians Jan. 4 2004

submitted by Site Administrator on 28.12.2003

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From the Kytherian Society of California

December 8, 2003

Dear Members and Friends,

on Sunday, January 4, we have an opportunity to participate in an exciting slide presentation about some of the archeological work in progress in Kythera. Pertinent details can be found on the enclosed flier (see below).

Since we are hosting the event, including the reception (with the endorsement of the Hellenic American Professional Society and Modern Greek Studies), our guests will be able to share the warm hospitality that is an integral part of our Kytherian tradition. Although there is no admission charge, we need to have a count of those who plan to attend so we can arrange for seating and refreshments. Kindly phone in your reply to one of the officers listed below.

We hope you'll begin this Olympic year by joining us to be with friends and family, and to make new acquaintances, while we discover another facet of our unique and wonderful island.

Heartfelt best wishes for the holidays and the new year.

Sincerly yours,

Anastasia Conomos Condas, President
(510) 538-3769

Nick Cominos, Vice President
(925) 798-7316

Chrys Conomos, Secretary
(408) 297-3895

Teddie Zes, Treasurer
(408) 723-0640


Flier text:

Paliochora and other Archeological Finds in Kythera and Korinthia

a slide lecture and reception
with Lita Diacopoulos, University of Sydney
and Prof. Timothy Gregory, Ohio State University

Sunday, January 4, 2004
3:00 PM at Holy Trinity Reception Hall
999 Brotherhood Way, San Francisco (parking is plentiful)

sponsored by
The Kytherian Society of California

The Hellenic American Professional Society

Modern Greek Studies at SFSU

For more information contact Sophia Paris (510) 783-6284,
or Anne Condas (510) 538-3769

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